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Dr. Anil Vishwanath’s Blockbuster Horror Thriller, has announced its next part, “Polimera 3”, produced by Vamsi Nandipati

The blockbuster horror thriller franchise “Polimera” created a sensation with thrilling twists and powerful storytelling. After the rampage of “Polimera 1” on OTT and the blockbuster performance of “Polimera 2” in theatres, the franchise is now set to move to the next level with “Polimera 3”. Impressed with the Polimera universe, fans have called it the Aniverse, a new thrilling world. Directed by the exceptional director Dr. Anil Vishwanath, this third installment sees the most successful distributor, Vamsi Nandipati, making his debut as a producer. He is a passionate filmmaker who has previously been associated with blockbuster films like Kantara, 2018 movie, Polimera 2, and many more.


Today, the makers announced the much-awaited update that the script work for “Polimera 3” is completed and pre-production has begun. Expressing his excitement for being a part of “Polimera 3”, producer Vamsi Nandipati said, “We are excited to announce ‘Polimera 3’ under the direction of Dr. Anil Vishwanath. I’m fortunate that director Dr. Anil Vishwanath chose me as the producer for Part 3. I’m very happy to be associated with this franchise after the successful distribution of ‘Polimera 2’. I believe with ‘Polimera 3’, we will surpass all expectations.”


Director Dr. Anil Vishwanath, who has turned heads with his work, is thrilled to bring the third part of “Polimera”, which has earned a distinct identity within the Telugu thriller landscape. The franchise has cultivated a devoted following, and the revelation of “Polimera 3” has further intensified viewers’ excitement. Director Vishwanath appears to have crafted a screenplay filled with unexpected twists and turns, yet the extent of the suspense he intends to weave remains a tantalizing mystery.


Polimera 3 boasts an ensemble cast, including Satyam Rajesh, Baladitya, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, Rakendu Mouli, and many others, contributing to the depth of this thrilling experience. The film will be bankrolled under Vamsi Nandipati Entertainments banner. Bhogendra Gupta, the producer of Polimera 1, is associating with Polimera 3 as a co-producer.


With its unique blend of suspense, action, and supernatural themes, the movie is poised to offer yet another exhilarating chapter, ensuring audiences remain captivated and enthralled throughout. “Polimera 3” loading…

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