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Gangs set fire to sugarcane fields, hurting Haiti’s rum business

<p>Puerto Rico: A rising number of companies and territories in the unstable Caribbean island are being targeted by violent gangs, with Haiti’s well-known rum becoming the latest casualty.</p>
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<p>The firm stated in a statement on Sunday that rival gangs fighting close to the Rhum Barbancourt distillery in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, had set fire to at least eight hectares (19.8 acres) of sugarcane fields in recent days.</p>
<p>The source of rum is sugarcane. More than four soccer fields’ worth of land would have burnt, although Barbancourt authorities emphasized that the loss of those fields would not have an impact on output.</p>
<p>To safeguard the safety of its workers, the company’s foundation announced that it will temporarily cease delivering free potable water distribution, medical services, and the use of football fields and basketball courts.</p>
<p>Rum from Haiti is regarded as one of its most well-liked exports.</p>
<p>More than 800 people were murdered, wounded, or abducted in Haiti in January, according to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk. This is more than three times the amount of incidents that occurred in the same month in 2023. According to him, another 300 gang members are thought to have died or been wounded last month.</p>
<p>He said that the ferocity of gang fights lately, which may go on for hours at a time, “may indicate that some gangs have received new ammunition.”</p>
<p>Haiti is also getting over a recent wave of violent protests calling for Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s resignation. According to Türk, throughout the demonstrations, at least 16 individuals lost their lives and around 30 others were hurt, the most of them in altercations with the police.</p>
<p>Gang violence persists in the meantime.</p>
<p>“New victims are reported every day that passes,” Türk said late last week, pressing for the prompt deployment of a Kenyan police force supported by the United Nations that has been delayed in court.</p>

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