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Lalit Modi and N Srinivasan may invest in the ECB’s planned privatization of The Hundred, according to a report

<p>The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), which introduced The Hundred, a 100-ball competition with much hoopla in 2021, is getting ready to become private. As long as the initiative receives permission from at least two-thirds of the 18 county teams in the ECB, it will proceed.</p>
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<p>Ten county teams have ‘accepted in principle,’ according to a moneycontrol article, and the ECB will go on with their proposal to restructure The Hundred as soon as two more teams are added to this list.</p>
<p>Similar to Twenty20, each side in The Hundred, a limited-overs match, plays 20 overs; however, there are now five deliveries each over instead of six. Stated differently, each side is allowed to confront up to 100 legitimate deliveries in an inning.</p>
<p>The story goes on to say that former BCCI president N Srinivasan and IPL commissioner Lalit Modi may be among the investors queuing up for the competition, which is anticipated to begin in 2025.</p>
<p>It is possible that the private league will have more teams than it now does. There are eight teams who play in The Hundred right now.</p>
<p>Rumor has it that Modi, who is now a resident of London, has volunteered “to bring in a billion-dollar investment” for the redesigned private league.</p>
<p>However, Srinivasan’s business owns teams in the MLC, SA20, and IPL.</p>
<p>“The T20 league is already bringing in a significant sum of money for the IPL club owners. They can afford to invest money, thus it makes sense for them to do so. It makes sense for them to grow and invest in another cricket league as they are currently profitable from one. It would be more difficult for a total outsider to invest money and eventually break even, the journal cited an unidentified source as saying.</p>
<p>The magazine adds that the “new project” has piqued the attention of the Kolkata Knight Riders, Lucknow Super Giants, and Mumbai Indians.</p>
<p>Regarding the Rajasthan Royals, given that their owner is headquartered in London, the team plays its home games in Jaipur, in the United Kingdom. Thus, England is just as wonderful as home, according to a source.</p>

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