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After Lewis Hamilton left the Formula One team, Fernando Alonso said, “I Know That I Am Attractive To Other Teams.”

<p>The news has been overshadowed by Lewis Hamilton’s departure from Mercedes. The major issue today is: who will replace Hamilton at Mercedes given that Ferrari has committed their drivers for the 2025 season?</p>
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<p>And among the chosen few, none other than Fernando Alonso, the former world champion who works for Aston Martin, has come to mind.</p>
<p>Mercedes just needs to look at 42-year-old Alonso if they’re looking to recruit a big-name player. And the Spaniard knows just how much power he has.</p>
<p>Alonso discussed his present “unique” situation with media before to Aston Martin introducing their new team car, the AMR24.</p>
<p>“I understand that my circumstances are quite unusual. I am in a terrific position since I am the only available world champion for 2025, and there are only three champions on the grid overall.</p>
<p>“Since moving to Mercedes, there has been absolutely nothing. Although I am aware that the driver market opened earlier this year, it won’t have an impact on how I prepare for the season.</p>
<p>Alonso reaffirmed his commitment to Aston Martin, brushing off speculation about retirement and a potential move, at least in the short term, at the conclusion of the current campaign.</p>
<p>“Aston Martin will be the first and only person I speak to from the beginning if I want to continue racing beyond this year. I will put this project first since I trust it.</p>
<p>But I’m aware that I’m appealing to other clubs if we are unable to come to an understanding. I’m not going to stick with Formula One for enjoyment. That sort of person and that kind of driving are not me. Let’s examine your alternatives.</p>
<p>After working as a driver for Ferrari for four years, Alonso said that he was taken aback by Hamilton’s unexpected decision to switch teams.</p>
<p>“I won’t lie, it was surprising—not because of the transformation per se, but more because it seemed from the outside that he was closely associated with and devoted to Mercedes.</p>
<p>“Although Ferrari is a unique squad, winning makes it much more so. Lewis may be able to contribute more to the championship because the vehicle is available.</p>
<p>As great as Hamilton’s illustrious history with the team is the vacuum he leaves behind at Mercedes, where Toto Wolff must now make the difficult choice of who to join up with fellow driver George Russell in 2025.</p>
<p>Mercedes now has to find another future superstar to step into the shoes left by the likes of Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc, and Max Verstappen, who have all signed multi-year contracts with their respective teams.</p>

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